Jack be Nimble Jack be ADHD

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Jack jumped over the candlestick. But what if Jack didn’t jump high enough, and the bottom of his pants-leg touched the flame of the candle and his pants caught fire? I suppose Jack would call upon his memories of fire protection and safety that he learned in elementary school. Stop, drop, and roll!

Now, what if while Jack rolling around on the ground attempting to extinguish his pants-fire, he rolled into a giant pile of hay. I mean, hay is pretty flammable – he would be completely engulfed in flames! Luckily Jack live near a river, and Jack could simply just rush his flaming body over and into the river extinguishing the fire.

The relief that Jack would feel after surviving his near-death experience would be so great. It’s too bad that while Jack was recouping after his brutal injuries a hungry alligator sneaked up and swallowed Jack whole. He’s dead now… I guess that’s why one should never jump over a candlestick.

It’s kind of silly once you think about it… I mean really – why jump over a candlestick? I mean jeez, walk around or pick it up.

The Swings are Back

Lately, I’ve been doing pretty great. I suppose that’s probably why I haven’t been posting to my blog. I know that I promised to myself that I wouldn’t just let this website be a place to post my troubles and hardships – but nevertheless, I haven’t posted and now here I am posting a hardship.

It’s nothing too tumultuous. It’s mostly anxiety tinges. No panic attacks, thankfully. Basically my fight or flight response keeps triggering, and I get this tingly feeling in my neck, and I start to freak out over nothing. I’ve been able to keep it mostly in check, but it’s an odd feeling to have, to say the least. I’m not quite sure how to explain it to make it relateable. The closest way that I can think to describe it would be the feeling that you get while you’re waiting for results from your doctor. I feel that’s a fairly accurate description. The only difference is that I have that feeling randomly, out of nowhere, and for no particular reason.

I haven’t been journaling either like I used to. I’m going to try writing regularly again, it seemed to help a great deal last time…

This isn’t a great post, but it’s my foray back into writing – and maintaing my sanity.

I’ve nothing left to say… cheers.